The project of a new prototype laboratory was implemented with the support of the EU

08. srpen 2023

As part of the project, Prettl Automotive Czech s.r.o.'s own research and development center was built. - A prototype laboratory that will enable systematic research and development of new products and production processes - primarily components for the automotive sector and other closely related products.

The project is registered under the number CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/17_165/0016017 and was implemented as part of the OPPIK - Potential program in cooperation with partner Funch, s.r.o.

The prototype laboratory includes tests in the field of metrology, measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities, material and corrosion engineering - with a focus on evaluation of surface treatments, corrosion and climate tests, determination of layer thicknesses, metallography and polymer properties. Most exams will be subject to accreditation.

Free capacity of the laboratory can be used for commercial orders

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