Laboratory of Materials Engineering

The Laboratory of Materials Engineering has modern equipment for performing tests of technical cleanliness of components, selected tests of polymers, and especially for metallography and optical microscopy. X-ray fluorescence spectral analysis can be used for chemical composition analyses.

For more detailed information on the test equipment see the “Technical specifications” tab. The range of the tests performed according to individual standards can be found under the “Tests” tab.

Responsible person:
Vít Mohelský
+420 733 133 542

Accredited structure + metallography tests:

  • ISO 17639 - Destructive testing of welds on metallic materials - Macroscopic and microscopic inspection of welds
  • ISO 5817 - Welding - Fusion welded joints of steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys (except electron and laser welding) - Determination of quality grades

Accredited polymer testing:

  • ISO 3451 - 1 - Method A - Plastics - Determination of ash - Part 1: General methods
  • ISO 3451 - 4 - Plastics - Determination of ash - Part 4: Polyamides
  • ISO 15512 - Method E - Plastics - Determination of water content

Accredited tests for technical purity of components and systems:

  • ISO 16232 - Cleanliness of components and systems
  • VDA 19.1 -Testing of technical purity

According to customer specification:

  • We will adapt the tests to your parameters or customer standards according to the capabilities of our equipment.

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