Laboratory of Corrosion Engineering

The laboratory of corrosion and climatic tests offers high-end technical equipment for performing of corrosion tests as Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test or Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test, neutral Salt Spray Test together with climate control, condensation tests, temperature change tests and climate tests with the possibility of additional loading of samples with IR and UV radiation or simultaneous measurement of selected product parameters (eg electrical quantities).

The laboratory also performs microscopic determination of the number of micropores / microcracks of Cr coatings and determination of layer and multilayer thicknesses on metallic and non-metallic substrates either microscopically or non-destructively using X-ray fluorescence.

More detailed information on test equipment is given in the "Technical specifications" tab, the range of tests performed according to individual standards can be found under the "Tests" tab.

Responsible person:
Vít Mohelský
+420 733 133 542

Accredited corrosion tests:

  • ISO 9227 Neutral salt spray corrosion tests (NSS test), Acid salt spray corrosion tests (CASS test, AASS test)
  • ISO 6270-2 Paints and coatings - Determination of moisture resistance - Part 2: Condensation (exposure in a chamber with a reservoir heated water)
  • EN 60068-2-11 Environmental Test Part 2 - Test Ka: Salt Mist

Accredited climate and temperature change tests:

  • VW PV 1200 - Wet heat cyclic test
  • VW PV 2005-A Cyclic wet heat test
  • EN 60068-2-1 - Environmental testing - Part 2 - 1
  • EN 60068-2-14 - Environmental testing - Part 2 - 14
  • EN 60068-2-2 Test B - Environmental testing - Part 2 - 2
  • ISO 16750-4 Road vehicles - Environmental conditions and testing of electrical and electronic equipment - Part 4: Climatic load
  • EN 60068-2-30 test Db, Var 1, Var 2
  • EN IEC 60068-2-38 Environmental testing - Part 2 - 38
  • EN 60068-2-67 Environmental testing - Part 2-67: Tests - Cy test: Constant moist heat, accelerated test designed primarily for components
  • EN 60068-2-78 Environmental testing - Part 2-78: Tests - Test Cab: Moist heat constant

Accredited measurement of coating thicknesses:

  • EN ISO 3497 Metallic coatings - Measurement of coating thickness - X-ray spectrometric methods
  • ISO 1463 - Metal and oxide coatings - Measurement of coating thickness - Microscopic method

Accredited test for the determination of the number of micropores in chromium coating

  • VW TL 528 Chrome plated plastic parts; Material requirements

According to customer specification:

We will adapt the tests to your parameters or customer standards according to the capabilities of our equipment.

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