Laboratory of Geometric Measurements

The Laboratory of Geometric Measurements has modern equipment for measuring and monitoring geometric quantities of surface roughness parameters, geometric shape characteristics and geometric dimensional characteristics. The measurement and monitoring of geometric dimensional and shape quantities can be performed by the contact method, the non-contact method by image capture or the non-contact method by emitting a laser beam.

For more detailed information on the measuring and monitoring equipment see the “Technical specifications” tab. The range of standards according to which the measurement and evaluation take place can be found under the “Range of standards” tab.

Responsible person:
Vít Mohelský
+420 733 133 542

Accredited touch and optical measurement of deviations in shape, orientation, location and throwing in 3D:

  • ISO 1101 - Geometric product specifications (GPS) - Geometric tolerancing - Tolerances for shape, orientation, positioning and throw

Accredited measurement of surface structure/roughness parameters using the profile method:

  • ISO 4287 - Geometric requirements for products (GPS) - Surface texture: Profile method - Terms, definitions and parameters surface structures

According to customer specification:

We will adapt the tests to your parameters or customer standards according to the capabilities of our equipment.

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