About us

Dear customers, welcome to the website of the Prettl Prototype Laboratory, based in Liberec. The prototype laboratory is a research and development centre owned by the company Prettl Automotive Czech s.r.o., which carries out systematic research and development of new products and production processes – especially components for the automotive industry and other closely related products.

The Prettl Prototype Laboratory offers tests by way of services in the field of geometric measurements, measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities, materials and corrosion engineering – focusing on the assessment of surface finish, corrosion and climatic tests, determination of layer thickness, metallography and properties of polymers. However, as part of comprehensive problem-solving, we are also able to provide coordinated professional and advisory activities in the field of materials engineering and mechanical engineering in cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec.

If you are interested in our services or another form of cooperation, please contact us through the inquiry form in the “Contact form” link or through individual links in the “Contacts” tab. You can find information about our previous experience with the implementation of tests in the “References” tab.

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